Experience the VisiPipe Advantage.

  • No dry holes. Tri-Sensor head provides precise video, acoustic, and pinpoint location information.
  • Our software provides a complete digital record of the inspection, allowing easy archiving and referencing to GIS or other asset management data.
  • Non-disruptive, live pressure insertions allow you to investigate and identify issues before planned outages, reducing the duration of outages and allowing schedule flexibility.
  • Methodically investigate as much of the system as you need, without the urgency or time-pressure of an outage.
  • Use VisiPipe to prioritize system repairs without the cost and hassle of pot-holing, and without disrupting traffic.
  • VisiPipe LiveView™ software lets your O&M staff or engineering consultants observe the inspection remotely.
  • Accurately locate tees and service taps, inspect valve seats, locate obstructions, and identify leaking isolation valves without disrupting customers or operations.


Did You Know?

We are proud to offer pipeline condition assessments. During the inspection you will view any obstruction or corrosion in real-time with high-resolution video and graphical acoustic analysis. You can rest assured that your pipelines have no secrets once we’ve inspected them.