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Specialized technology for pipeline condition assessment & inspection solutions.

VisiPipe's technicians utilize the Investigator to perform inspections on 3” and larger pipe for complete asset condition examination. We can access the system through 1-1/2" and larger pressure fittings, air valves, gate valves and hot taps at full line pressure. We can also access through many commonly used fire hydrants.


The VisiPipe Investigator is a unique tool offering you the ability to see the inside of your pipelines without shutting them down, at operating pressures of up to 232 psi. The tri-sensor head is mounted and launched through existing fittings, if available, or via hot tap. This process makes access into the piping simple and cost-effective.

Monitoring the real-time data captured by the camera and hydrophone sensor head allows the VisiPipe technician and your team to identify internal pipe conditions, including tuberculation, mis-alignments, corrosion, pinched or slipped gaskets, and voids or gaps in linings. The nominal maximum distance for each insertion is 300 feet upstream and downstream. Due to signal degradation, the maximum distance achievable will be influenced by the pipe diameter, internal condition and number of bends present.

Our technicians utilize an integrated laptop to control the sensor head and view both video and acoustic results from live surveys. The VisiPipe software is specific to the Investigator technology, and provides video and graphic acoustic analysis showing amplitude and frequency.

The system is compatible with VisiPipe's Liveview™ software that allows your team to view the inspection, as it's happening, from anywhere in the world. We use a cellular data connection to connect to the cloud-based system from any location with cell coverage.

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Did You Know?

VisiPipe provides pipeline condition assessment services dispatched from our base in Coeur d'Alene to your sites throughout the Pacific Northwest and the northern Rocky Mountain region.