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Pipeline Condition Assessment & Inspection Solutions Without a Shutdown

From buried water mains to industrial piping to interior heating and cooling loops, VisiPipe has the equipment and expertise to identify your pipeline problems - in place, in service, without draining or depressurizing the system.


The VisiPipe advantage is all you will need:

  • Tri Sensor Head (CCTV, Hydrophone and Sonde)
  • Real-time Video and Analysis Software
  • Pressurized Insertion Eliminates Shutdowns



Our Unique Capabilities


We can reliably inspect up to 300 ft upstream and downstream (600 ft total) from a single insertion point, which can be a pressure fitting, air valve, service tap or even a hydrant.

pipe size & Material

VisiPipe can inspect pressure pipelines from 3" to 14" diameter in metallic and non-metallic systems.


Using our adaptors, the sensor head and cable can be launched into pipelines pressurized to a maximum of 232 psi.

high-res video

Robust camera head with patented "bend" mechanism provides clear, wide angle, illuminated video of your pipeline interior.

acoustic analysis

The tri-sensor head includes a sensitive hydrophone. We provide you the graphical acoustic analysis synced to the video.


A high-powered sonde allows us to precisely locate the sensor head on the ground, above grade. No pot-holing needed.

See VisiPipe in action: